Friday, February 14, 2014

Noise Machines..

"The word distortion refers to any modification of wave form of a signal. 
In music it is used to refer to nonlinear distortion and particularly to the introduction of new frequencies by memoryless nonlinearities. 
Clipping is a non-linear process that produces frequencies not originally present in the audio signal. These frequencies can be harmonic overtones, meaning they are whole number multiples of one of the signal's original frequencies, or "inharmonic", resulting from general intermodulation distortion."

- Wikipedia, I guess...

First of a series of posters on distortion, overdrive and fuzz effect pedals.
3-color screenprint on white heavy paper.
50 x 70cm.
Run of 46 (Red, Silver and Black).
Variant of 8 (Purple, Silver and Black).
Printed by thy mighty Fuzz Ink.
More of it, here.
To get yours, drop a line at It's 20€ + shipping.

A personal project for the days we fused ourselves, endlessly watching videos of fuzz pedals and tube amps until the day we got our first muff and rocked the rocks on that 5x5 cement hole.

To these days that reality is magnificently distorted, feedback bleeds off our eyes and shit grows on trees.
Fuzz off.

P.S.: Red Fang approved.. Yeah!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fell in Love with Fire

ThreeWayPlane is a punkgutsrockballsnoiseasfuckboozefueledhardclipping trio from Athens that may or may not perform as a two-drummers quartet.
We did a tee.

Motherfucking Rat!
We also did a limited silkscreen poster for the guys' "birthday party" down the dirty basement of Zero.
Yellow and black on heavy, thick grey cardboard.
Prints by thy mighty Fuzz Ink.

So come over there, grab a tee, a poster, a beer and support the cause.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Smoked Out / Fuzzed Off

Late afternoon hangover cure.
Smoking Sessions was awesome.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Smoking Raw Meat

Pub dawb daim ntawv loj loj rau lub "Kev haus luam yeeb kev cobqhia" tsis pub leejtwg ceremony. 
Uber lom zem mem kua thiab txhuam lettering. 
Los duderinos tshaj nyob Fuzz mem kua tau ua ib tug dabteb ntawm experimentation rau no. 
Ib tug liam li khiav ntawm xya caum daim duab loj, zaub, purples, tov, gradients, spits thiab phev, nchuav thiab tua.

Χμονγκ; Τι στο μπούτζο;

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ride Hard!

Pegleg handcrafts awesome boards.
Skoo is thy mastah.
We did an illustration for an exhibition.
We were also drunk in Ikaria but that's another story.

Kick it!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Pages Project


Participated in a really interesting project called Two Pages Project.
Short story· there's a sketchbook that travels through illustrators / designers living at a certain place, answering a certain question using two pages of it.
Καλό; Καλό.

What do you see? Βλέπω κύκλους.
Although I had a four days limit to keep the sketchbook, weekend happened, lessening it to a pregettingdrunksaturdaymorning and a posthangoversundayevening. I sketched fast, like I understood. An hour of some penciling and two hours of loose inking.
I wouldn't post the whole thing before the end of the project so here's just a preview.

NO by OMG is what I've listened to the most this summer.
Φοβερό για ήρεμες βραδιές σε μαγευτικές παραλίες.

Για αυτό που είμαστε.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Σκατά στους φασίστες!

no smiles,no tears,they come along with fear,be deaf,be blind,don't sweat when others cry,wake up,drop dead, a switch inside my head,reclaim,reform my bad behaviour with sleeping pills-riot control,remote control- it's stupefying,blur my sight-doctor my wine,restrain my tongue, who needs to hear the truth? 

friends turn to foes,brain falling down my toes, i start to rust 'cause i'm losin' trust, my joints break up, this country fucks me up, earn less than shit, so proud to be a GREEK,shit for brains-transplant's successfull,screens for eyes-broadcasting misery,gears for hands-work without thinking, without love breath is just a clock tickin'....tic tac tic tac

in allergic words inspired by george's orwell novel,1984 and adopted (μήπως adapted ρε μαλάκα Άλεξ;) to the greek fascist reality of today

Fuck it back. RIP.